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Youth Act


At international level we are organising the youth exchanges funded by Erasmus+, Polish-Lithuenian Youth Court. We are developing different methodology for youth work within the Strategic Partnership. We are involving the youth from Koszalin and region in the international projects. We are encouraging ans supporting the youth with fewer opportunities to join the youth mobilities.

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Globers is Spanish non-profit cultural association that contributes to create long-term links between different persons and organizations. Our NGO promotes concepts of development, inclusion and importance of volunteering culture .As well we promote solidarity and tolerance to foster the social cohesion and cooperation among different UE's countries. 

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he mission of the association is to promote the active participation of young people in their local communities and to give them the chance and the tools to exploit fully their potential and to provide them a support in discovering their path and to develop their skills, by using non-formal education and intercultural learning methods. 

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