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Mango Papaya

Sustainable Development Board Game

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About the Project

Mango Papaya is a Strategic Partnership project developed by organisation from Poland, Spain and Italy. The aim of the project is to promote sustianable development and increase quality of youth worke through training youth workers and providing the qualitive educational materials for youth work and youth education in field of sustainable development. 


The project is co-founded by Erasmus+ programme.

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The part of sustainable development and the title Mango Papaya was designed to re-thing about our life-style, consumption and how it affects the environment and the people in other parts of the world. Bringing the example of the fruits, vegetables which are not produced in Europe but are in high demand imported from the countries of Global South where the human rights or employees rights are not ideal or they do not exist at all. Through this project & game we wanted to focus on brining this awareness of earning money (entrepreneurship part) but also thinking about the all elements which are involved like: environment which may be damaged by the transportation costs, plantations, people who are working in difficult or not safe environment, for low amount of money, or maybe even child labor or slavery. 

The Activities

The project consisted of 5 activities which were designed to fullfilled the projects objectives.

MangoPapaya white white white bi .png
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